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Aug 6, 2009 9:00am EDT
because often it will take down a gazelle. found mostly in the waters off of india. great white shark which is terrific. i think they should rename it because i've been watching the great white shark and i don't think great covers it. the terrific white shark. fantastic white shark. the biggest one is probably, what, the whale shark? yeah, see? who? the wheelchair shark of course -- the whale shark, huge, swam by one, when i was scuba diving ones, your whole body starts to shake, something primitive in your brain that goes, that animal is huge. you're next to a cow and you're like, i'm kind of nervous, it's big, not scary but big. you get near a whale shark, it's mouth is as long as my body. it could not care less. that beagle was like, hmm, whatever. you're like, get me away from this. you don't want to panic because you're afraid the sucker fish on the side of it are big enough to kill you. >> we're going to rename it here. i thought you watched vh1 all the time. >> 30 seconds. if you can do in it 20 or less, megan pringle getting married to our sports guy tomorrow. >> a diffi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1